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Well done! The first step is always the hardest. This course is certain to help you perfect your techniques in time for your first grading. Follow the step by step guide along with our virtual sensei to help develop your skill. Nothing will fully replace the excellent instruction you will get from one of our coaches on the mats - but every little bit of additional time you give yourself to perfect your techniques is going to benefit you in the long run.
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Course curriculum

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    • Welcome to my online course White belt
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    White Belt Syllabus

    • Introduction
    • WJJF_Syllabus_White
    • Link to free ebook
    • Bow
    • Left fighting stance
    • Side Breakfall
    • Front Breakfall
    • Front Rolling Breakfall
    • Back Breakfall
    • Back Rolling Breakfall
    • Breakfall's recap
    • Front Strangle
    • Front Strangle 2
    • Front Strangle 3
    • Kids Front Strangle
    • Breaking a Back Strangle
    • breaking Back Strangle 2
    • Breaking Back Strangle 3
    • Back Strangle variation for Children
    • Kicks
    • Hip Throw
    • Recumbant Ankle Throw
    • Ground Work Positions
    • Basic blocks
    • Novic Kata
    • Novice Kata breakdown
    • Punches
    • padwork1
    • WJJF Ireland - Online Dojo for Kids Bonus content
    • On-line Dojo for Kids video 2 Bonus